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Product Detail

SD 13.102

Type Cabinet air conditioner
Size 950x400x200(mm,HxWxD)


Model: SD 13.102

Power supply: 230VAC±15% 50Hz/60Hz

Cooling capacity: 1000W@L35/L35 660W@L35/L55

Energy consumption: 540W@L35/L35 650W@L35/L55

Operating temperature range: -40℃~+55℃

IP grade: IP55

Refrigerant: R134a

Dimensions: 950x400x200(mm,HxWxD)

Surface treatment: Outdoor type powder coating, standard color: RAL7035

Internal circulation air volume: 450m³/h

Maximum noise: 63dB(A)

Net weight: 35kg

Certification: YES

Heater: Optional(1000W)

Installation method: Semi-embedded Mounting

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